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Big Sport, Small World

Cycling is a very rapidly growing sport, attracting people from all walks of life, some just purchasing their first new bike since childhood or upgrading an old steed for a lighter, faster one.
For the popularity and diversity that cycling has, the so-called “cycling world” is a small one.

When you attend races, from local events to World Tour races, you often rub shoulders with the same crowd of riders, staff and organizers. What a wonderful small world it is though, and I have met some of my greatest friends through a shared love of biking. One such friend is Einat, who you will recognize from her posts here.

We first met a few years ago in Limoux, a sleepy little town in Southern France. I spent the better part of two years there, rooming with her and riding my bike all over the quiet, hilly roads surrounding town, fixing bikes for a tour company and later racing teams to make ends meet. Einat and I have ridden many miles there together, she would give me training tips and advice and I’d look after her bike, while always sprinting each other at city limit signs.


When she recently contacted me with an exciting new opportunity, I knew I had to jump at it. Einat introduced me to Funkier Bike, their clothing lines and the people behind it all. I have since been welcomed into the family and have the opportunity to share my stories from working as a mechanic with tour companies, shops and racing teams. Here I’ll be posting about the travelling race mechanic’s life, as well as giving simple bike maintenance tips and tricks.

Not all industries are like cycling; people get involved in the cycling industry for the love of riding. From there you have many paths to choose from and people spread out to fill all the gaps, pursuing what interests them.

My love for the sport is split many ways; I have been able to travel the world working as a mechanic, but of course nothing beats actually riding. For that I have a friend to thank and one I wouldn’t likely have met if it weren’t for our shared love of cycling.